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  • Undergraduate Collegiate Ambassador Leadership Program


    What is an Ambassador?

    Ambassadors are student leaders who are advocates of the Region, Youth Service Project, and the collegiate body. These select undergraduates will be placed into a position of leadership and service. Their responsibilities extend beyond collegiate affairs and place them in a position to create process improvements and recommendations to build and grow our collegiate population.


    What do Ambassadors do?

    Ambassadors work closely with the YSC and UCC alongside mentorship from the Regional Board. Responsibilities/benefits may include:


    o Serve as active member of regional committees
    o Attend leadership/business etiquette events
    o Help organize undergraduate development programs, social activities and fundraisers
    o Present workshops at Regional Conference/Area Meetings
    o Recognition at Regional Conference with Book Scholarships/Conference Grants


    How can someone become an Ambassador?

    o Must be a financial and TORCH trained undergraduate member of Central Region. New members can apply.
    o GPA must be at least a 2.75 or show record of improved academic performance


    If you are interested in becoming a Collegiate Ambassador and/or have general questions about the program, please contact UCC Delia Harris at!

  • UG 2014 Collegiate Ambassador Leadership Class: Important Documents


    2014-2015 - UG Collegiate Ambassador Application


    2014-2015 - UG Collegiate Ambassador Sponsorship Form