Welcome to the 2015 Collegiate Ambassador "Gamma Class"



    Dear Central Region,


    It is my honor and pleasure to introduce our Gamma Class of the Collegiate Ambassador Leadership Program of Central Region. I am confident that, as a member of this group, these young ladies will find many opportunities to grow and develop both professionally and personally within this new role. The Region and UG Concerns Committee appreciate all the support provided thus far and look forward to the third year of the program.


    Each young Soror will be mentored by a member of the Central Region Board of Directors. We hope to directly tackle issues that affect our collegiate members in today's culture.


    Tabitha Barbour, Alpha Chapter, Butler University

    - Mentor, Ava Jackson, Regional Sargent-At-Arms


    Jennifer Golida, Xi Upsilon Chapter, Detroit Metro

    - Mentor, Rhonda Davis, Regional Grammateus


    Ashley Williams, Mu Chapter, Ball State University

    - Mentor, Jacki Stennis Moore, Regional Epistoleus


    Bianca Young, Sigma Pi, University of Michigan Flint

    - Mentor, Loreal Marshall, Regional Nominations Chair


    LaQuesha Jones, Regional Undergraduate, University of Indianapolis

    - Mentor, Kesha Richardson, Regional Elections Chair


    DaiShunda Baldwin, Mu Chapter, Ball State University

    - Mentor Tina Johnson



    Watch this video to learn about the 2015 Central Region Ambassador Gamma Class




    Every sorority member plays a vital role in helping our undergraduates reach the vision of being outstanding members of their campus and community. Make a pact today that you will support the undergraduates a little bit more than you did last year. Because of your financial support of the undergraduate development fund, we can provide conference scholarships and leadership opportunities for these young women.


    Again, let's welcome this new undergraduate leadership team and, please, continue to encourage this group, our committee, the officers and all undergraduates of the Region. If you are interensted in working with us, please seek us out at this years' Area Meetings or contact us anytime! Soror DeAna Morgan will be serving as co-chair of this program this year to ensure the expectations of our plan are met to a higher degree.


    Sigma Love Always,


    UCC Delia Harris, Alpha Sigma, Program Chair

    DeAna Morgan, Alpha Lambda Sigma, Program Co-Chair

    Keisha French, Eta Xi Sigma, Honorary Veteran Mentor Consultant





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  • Undergraduate Collegiate Ambassador Leadership Program


    What is an Ambassador?

    Ambassadors are student leaders who are advocates of the Region, Youth Service Project, and the collegiate body. These select undergraduates will be placed into a position of leadership and service. Their responsibilities extend beyond collegiate affairs and place them in a position to create process improvements and recommendations to build and grow our collegiate population.


    What do Ambassadors do?

    Ambassadors work closely with the YSC and UCC alongside mentorship from the Regional Board. Responsibilities/benefits may include:


    o Serve as active member of regional committees
    o Attend leadership/business etiquette events
    o Help organize undergraduate development programs, social activities and fundraisers
    o Present workshops at Regional Conference/Area Meetings
    o Recognition at Regional Conference with Book Scholarships/Conference Grants


    How can someone become an Ambassador?

    o Must be a financial and TORCH trained undergraduate member of Central Region. New members can apply.
    o GPA must be at least a 2.75 or show record of improved academic performance


    If you are interested in becoming a Collegiate Ambassador and/or have general questions about the program, please contact UCC Delia Harris at!

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