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    Greetings Sorors, Philos, and Rhoers of Central Region;


    Welcome to the 2015-2016 Sorority year, this is an exciting time for the Central Region of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated. As a region, we had an outstanding last year, our membership numbers increased, we showed that we were UNBREAKABLE like diamonds at our regional conference, we excelled in service, and most importantly we handled the business of our illustrious sisterhood by perfecting our progress.  Sorors, Philos, and Rhoers we truly had an UNBREAKABLE year as an organization and definitely as a “Sigma Family.”


    There is a Kenyan Proverb that states; “Sticks in a bundle are UNBREAKABLE.” With this proverb in mind, the thought of a bundle of sticks should be close to everyone's heart because unified we are absolutely and completely UNBREAKABLE.  As I have been reflecting all summer; on the region, on leadership, and the tremendous capacity of sisterhood that we embody; I realized that this region will continue to be resolute in our focus as we move forward together, which makes us UNBREAKABLE 2.0 taking C.E.N.T.R.A.L. to the NEXT LEVEL.  Sigma Family we are at a critical juncture in our history, only 7 years to our Centennial which will be at our HOME in Indianapolis, IN, we are preparing for a Boule that will be here in Central, to ensure our success- we will need to take our Communication, Excellence, Navigation, Training, R-(Reclamation, Reactivation, Recruitment), Assessment, and Leadership to the NEXT LEVEL.  Your leadership team will need everyone's help to get us there as a  unified family.


    Already this Sorority year, your leadership team has conducted its Interim BOD meeting and site visit for the 76th Regional Conference.




    As a membership, you should have received information regarding the call for Recommendations, the Gamma Class for the Undergraduate Ambassadors, and an amazing prayer call so that we can  begin this year with blazing torches lifted high.  Basilei, you should have received an invitation to a Basilei call; this call will be open to Graduate & Undergraduate Basilei; along with Members-at-Large. (please see flyer below)



    Sigma Family, you should have also received information for your respective Area Workshops-please make sure you are registering.  This is the year of HEALTH & WEALTH for us Central Region, I believe in speaking abundance into existence-you will hear more about this at our Area Workshops along with receiving our National Updates, Regional Updates, Imperative Training, and other information that will be critical to our joint success in this upcoming year.


    To my sorors, my friends, and my future sisters-in our region we hold innumerable talents, skills, and gifts that will elevate CENTRAL.  We are the embodiment of the richest herstory ever established, we are the lucky proprietors of the dream of 7 stalwart women, we are the manifestation of “Greater Service, Greater Progress.”  We are UNBREAKABLE 2.0, We are CENTRAL and WE are going to the NEXT LEVEL!!!!!


    With sisterly love,

    Tiffany D. Hightower

    21st Central Region Syntaktes

    Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.


     CENTRAL: Unbreakable 




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